Homemade Grape Slushies Healthy and Refreshing with Organic Red Grapes

Grape Slushie Recipe

Looking for a delicious and healthy frozen treat?  We have just the recipe for you! Our Grape Slushie Recipe is so good that you'll be buying grapes galore. We love grapes fresh, frozen, slushified and in some recipes too!  For the most part we like to enjoy grapes on their own and that's exactly what this slushie is!  It's all about the ... read more


scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions

Scrambled Eggs with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, and Fresh Basil

She finally did it.  All on her own. My baby girl told me she loved me yesterday.  Her exact words, “I love you mama!”.  Sure we say it all of the time, but if she says it it’s usually after I say it.  I love my precious girl with all of my being.   She […]

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Side Dishes

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